Spelt Bread with Yoghurt

I continue to experiment with bread, hoping that one day I will create a truly beautiful loaf, like all those I see on Yeast Spotting and The Fresh LoafI do so envy all those perfectly shaped loaves, with bread bursting through artistically placed slashes in the dough.

This week I couldn’t find rye flour in my local supermarket and so I used spelt. This is what I achieved.

Spelt Bread with Yoghurt Spelt Bread with Yoghurt


250g each strong white flour, wholegrain flour, and spelt flour
17g dry yeast
c.18 fl.oz liquid, which was about half and half water and yoghurt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp oil
large pinch salt

I stretched and folded a few times and then left for about half an hour, and repeated the stretching and folding. Then I left the bread to rise in a floured cloth in a colander, and baked at an appropriate point at 190C for 10 minutes and then lowered the heat to 170C for 35 minutes. The taste is good, but the look is hardly elegant!

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