Arthur W Knapp

Knapp, Cocoa_and_Chocolate_

Arthur W Knapp: Cocoa and Chocolate, Forgotten Books, London, 2012 (first published by Chapman & Hall Ltd, 1920)

I am working through the book so this is a review on Amazon UK:

‘Arthur Knapp was a research chemist to Cadbury’s and was obviously a leading expert in his day. In fact there are two other books on cocoa/chocolate written by him as well. This is a well written book, but I caution reading it until you have read the most recent learned books on the subject such as Stephen Beckett’s “The Science of Chocolate”, Sophie and Michael Coe’s “The True History of Chocolate”, and Allen Young’s “The Chocolate Tree”. This is because although a lot of what Knapp says about how chocolate is produced, from bean to bar, including the techniques of manufacture, remain in essence correct, there have been advances in our knowledge since 1920 and the reader might get a bit confused if he or she takes everything as true for today. The book still has much to interest the reader however and if you are well read on chocolate then you will find this book fascinating as an historical snapshot of what was known about cocoa and chocolate, and how the industry operated, nearly a century ago….  Finally, if you want to research more into the origins of chocolate, Knapp has an excellent bibliography at the end of the book that lists all significant books on cocoa and chocolate, in chronological order, from 1600 to 1920.’

(Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate in a navy and gold wrapper was launched in 1920.)

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