Shirley O. Corriher: BakeWise

Corriher book

Shirley O Corriher: Bakewise, Scribner, New York, 2008


This book is all about the science of baking, and why and how ingredients interact with each other, and the proportions of the main food groups for the best results. With 532 pages there is a lot of reading, and I have started at the beginning, with chocolate. My copy is an American edition and in the recipes the ingredients are given in American volumes (with rather odd metric conversions).

There are mixed reviews on the internet, however, even before baking I have learned some interesting facts – particularly about melting chocolate – and so I will be reading to the end and trying out the recipes.

And do watch her on YouTube!

(The image above is on this site, adapted from ‘Deep, Dark Chocolate Cake’ in Bakewise.)

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