Marmalade Cake

I like the idea of a Marmalade Cake and imagine something quite moist, with a zing of orange, lemon, or even grapefruit, and perhaps something crunchy over the top. So I tried the recipe in the Liz Herbert’s Cakes – recipes from the Women’s Institute.

Marmalade Cake

The presentation is messy – I was in hurry and the cakes were too warm when I added the icing, so I added a bit more and achieved a kind of blobby result. And the chunks of marmalade add to the messy look.

The taste was fine, but I was unsure about how much marmalade to use and next time will weigh out an amount. And for a bit more zing I am going to add ginger and perhaps a darker sugar?

Other options
Dan Lepard
creates a marmalade variation of the Butter Cake
Nigel Slater – he gives a weight for the marmalade
Martha Collinson for Waitrose – she includes ground almonds, and weighs the marmalade
Diana Henry in the Telegraph used soft brown sugar in a simple recipe

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