Chocolate Cupcakes

I entered ‘Five Decorated Cupcakes’ in the Cratfield Horticultural Show and was very lucky to achieve a 1st Prize!

Chocolate Cupcakes for the Cratfield Horticultural Show 2016

Chocolate Cupcakes for Cratfield Horticultural Show 2016

The cupcakes look quite simple but I found it quite difficult to achieve a neat result. Firstly, a reliable recipe. My first attempt, Delia Smith’s Chocolate Beer Cake, was disastrous. Perhaps I filled the cases too high? Or didn’t bake at a high enough temperature?

Then I tried Mary Berry’s Chocolate Cake – a ‘Beat and Bake’ recipe to which I added a teaspoon of Five Spiced Powder. And I found, by trial and error, that c.55g was the correct weight¬†of cake mix to fill the case once baked.

The icing is wonderfully, scrumptuously delicious – the icing for Delia Smith’s Chocolate Beer Cake – do try it! And the fresh strawberries were dipped into carefully melted white chocolate.

Further information
Mary Berry Recipes РChocolate Obsession looks good!


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