Victoria Sponge Cake

We need to talk about Victoria Sponge Cakes! 

At Cratfield’s Horticultural Show we were challenged to bake a Victoria Sponge Cake according to the WI recipe which uses three eggs and the equivalent weight of sugar, butter/margarine, and self-raising flour. My effort was miserable – not at all like the impressive photograph on the WI website. Needless to say my effort did not win a prize.

WI Victoria Sponge Cake

WI Victoria Sponge Cake

The cakes tastes very nice, but it is a little dense and not very high – only 5 cms. What did I do wrong? I beat the butter and sugar til the mixture was white, added the eggs one at a time, and then beat in the flour – did I perhaps beat the flour too much? Or do three eggs naturally produce a small cake?

Today I baked two more Victoria Sponge Cakes (!) for the Concerts at Cratfield and I used Dan Lepard’s recipe. Five eggs, and correspondingly more butter, sugar, and flour produced a cake 9 cms high and much more impressive. Thank you Dan Lepard!

Dan Lepard's Victoria Sponge

Dan Lepard’s Victoria Sponge

I checked recipes for Victoria Sponge Cake on the internet and all those baked in 8″ (20cm) tins are based on four eggs. (See links below.)

So, should the WI recipe be baked in a 7″ (18cm) tin to ensure a good rise with only three eggs?

Further information
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