Patricia Dunbar: Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook

Patricia Dunbar; Cadbury's Chocolate Cookbook

Patricia Dunbar; Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook

Patricia Dunbar: Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook, Hamlyn, London, 1982 (first published 1978 by Cadbury Typhoo)

I found this delightfully old-fashioned book in a second-hand bookshop today, for £1.50! I am going to try some of the recipes, including the Swiss Roll pictured above. I am sure the recipes will work, having been tested in ‘The Home Economics Department at Cadbury Typhoo’ with author Patricia Dunbar who trained at the Edinburgh College of Domestic Science – really solid training with no embellishments and descriptions which are a world away from the current fads and fashions.

Felicity Cloake, informative as always, guides us through the various forms of Swiss Roll here!

3 thoughts on “Patricia Dunbar: Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook

  1. I did an AGA cooking course 15 years ago with Patricia, and my husband and I stayed with her and her husband for the weekend! We really hit it off. Her parting gift was one of her Cadbury’s days cookbooks and it has been a trusty source ever since for family cakes and treats, and yes, the recipes all work perfectly.

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